scrawled in blood
Character Studies
Nothing you’d submit to your writing class, these are stories that focus more on development than they might on, say, gimmicks.
And the Motive?
Stories with an actual, honest-to-God, plot.
Recorded Confessions
Chat logs of roleplays I’ve participated in.
Sex, Blood, and All the Rest
It’s what I’m known for, baby, so come see me write a torture scene and try my hand at porn.
Fandom Exclusive
Not just fandom-related, these stories are exclusively fandom with few or no OCs.

noise pollution
“The Fine Art of Poisoning,” Jill Tracy
“Ha Ha You’re Dead,” Green Day
“My Humps,” Alanis Morissette
mug shots
Forthcoming-- you don’t get nothing yet.
shadows I lurk in
My Blog
Desperate Fans: Gen2
Home on the Strange
The Luminarium
Serial Killer Calendar